Do you love your home office décor? When designing a home, the home office is usually something that’s done later. But while it’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, there’s a difference between taking one’s time to do something properly and doing it as an afterthought. The last thing you want is an uninspiring home office.

A home office that reflects the style and comfort of the rest of your living quarters is the place you want to enjoy your morning coffee while coming up with plans to seize the day or work on your projects at night. Here’s a look at some tips to make your office look cool and improve functionality.

Tips for giving your home office a makeover

1. Touch up

Nothing lasts forever; even high-quality paint deteriorates or simply loses luster over time. Plus, stuff happens. Things like nail holes and moving furniture affect paint jobs. Doing a little touch-up on the walls and floors helps cover up minor flaws and improve the look of a room. You can touch up minor scratches, chips, scuffs, especially if they are not greatly visible. You can also touch up tiny spots that weren’t done correctly during the last paint job. Just make sure that touch-up paint matches the wall color, texture, and finish.

2. Repaint

Repainting the interior walls of your home office is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective approach to renew and revitalize the aesthetics of your home office. Even though re-touching might provide a quick remedy, repainting is usually a more long-lasting alternative. The best time to repaint is when the old paint is stained, flaking, peeling, or clearly looking worn out. Indeed, most professionals say you should repaint every five years.

You can also repaint to give your office a new look when you are fed up with the current one. You can go with whatever lifts your mood. It can be bright, cheery, botanical green, warm whites, etc.

3. Invest in a few pieces of furniture

Your home office can be luxurious and functional just by adding a few pieces of comfortable and stylish furniture. After all, you spent a significant part of your weekdays and most of the weekend here; you want beautiful, comfortable, and well-designed furniture. You can go with gorgeous antique pieces to accentuate the ambience of your traditional decor or modern pieces for a contemporary look. Whatever suits your style.

4. Add Homey Accessories

Stuff like a comfortable rug underneath the desk, a pencil holder mug on the desktop, and a decorative wastebasket accentuate an office’s look while adding functionality. Don’t forget them. You can also add bookshelves, inspirational posters, etc.

5. Organize stuff vertically and horizontally

Space is not a feature most home offices boast of, so use it efficiently. Floating shelves will help you declutter your desk while vertical file folders keep stuff within reach of your arms. You can also get a basket to pile in extra stuff.


Transforming a home office from dull to fabulous isn’t hard. With just minor changes like painting, hanging curtains, patching up, and adding a few pieces of furniture pieces, you can make your home office luxurious and functional. We’ll be happy to help with touch-ups and repainting projects in Baton Rouge, LA, to help adorn your walls and floors with your favorite colors for a better ambience. Get in touch with Swift Painting LLC at 225-414-6312