From the classic soft blues and soothing greens to bold reds and warm earthy tones, these trending shades of 2022 can help you create your dream bathroom.

Although we typically tend to focus a lot on the living room, dining area, or the bedrooms in our homes, finding the best color for your bathroom is equally important. This is because bathrooms are, without a doubt, a relaxing retreat where you can energize while soothing away stress. It’s a bright clean spot that not only expresses your personality but also a place where you start and end your day. As such, the mood that you prefer and the colors that you choose for your bathroom play a very important role in helping you achieve the desired effects.

Luckily, the top bathroom color trends of 2022 provide a plethora of inspiration. Most of these colors are inspired by nature and are perfect if you want a comforting and rejuvenating bathroom space. So whether you’re designing an entirely new space or refreshing an already existing space, you can take a few ideas from these bathroom color trends of 2022 and create a relaxing and inviting vibe to your aesthetic bathroom.

Soft Blues

One of the top colors of the year according to color experts, soft blues have a classical element to them and have for a very long time been considered a favorite color for the bathroom. In 2022, it’s reported that its appeal will only increase as more and more homeowners look to create calm and invigorating spaces throughout their homes. If anything, a recent study by Zillow reports that painting your bathroom with soft blues could significantly increase the value of your home by $5,000!

As such, the best way to take advantage of this is by painting the walls of your bathroom in a soft wispy blue color of the sky and do the same on the ceiling.

Soothing Greens

Another unofficial color of 2022, many color experts project that green is a top color trend not just for your bathroom but throughout the entire home. A soothing green color has become very popular, especially in the bathrooms, as it can deliver a relaxing and restorative ambiance that we all want in our bathrooms.

In essence, you can consider going for various green shades including moss, olive, and eucalyptus. Such colors can help you in bringing an outdoor connection as well as a serene mood to your bathroom.

Bold Black and Dramatic Darks

In the past, using dark colors in a small space such as a bathroom was considered a no-no. Fortunately, this belief has changed and intense colors such as black and charcoal gray are becoming new color trends for the bathroom. This is because they give your space a jewel-box cozy feel. They can also help you achieve a modern and sophisticated vibe.

That being said, you can consider trying a tuxedo-inspired style by combining bold black with areas of bright white. You can as well go for dark gray with copper or brass accents to bring forth a soothing respite to your bedroom.

Warm Earth Tones

Whether you go for cream, beige, terra-cotta, or taupe, warm earth shades are known to create a cozy feeling that can have a warming effect in a bathroom. Believe it or not, these colors are replacing the traditional whites and grays and will bring a more modern vibe to your space.

The best way to go about these warm earth tones is to pair them with rich wood finishes and natural stone tiles or countertops as this will help in creating a warm and grounding feeling.

Bold Reds

The way we start our mornings are so important in the way your day will go, so they say. If you’re of the same mindset, then you should look to paint your bathroom with colors that bring forth what can be termed as “first-thing-in-the-morning energy.” This is why you should go for energetic reds, pinks, and oranges.

Although they aren’t traditional bathroom colors, they’re refreshing, vibrant, and expressive. These are the colors that you should consider if you want to add some energy to your morning routine. These colors are opulent, cheerful, and inviting, so you can use them on focal points and combine them with classic whites and bold blacks to create a perfect amount of contrast.