If you want to have that extra curb appeal to your home, starting with your front porch is a great idea. The front porch gives out a vibe to any visitors, especially if it is painted with the proper color and transformed to make it highly inviting. There are ways to make your front porch impressive, and it is not just in the play of colors such as the addition of potted plants, nice seating, and accessories, but the most important thing is pairing it with a suitable paint. Repainting your front porch is the best way to refresh it, although, it may seem an overwhelming task, the result will give you a sigh of relief.

Here are some helpful tips on how to repaint your front porch in the simplest way to deliver a stunning result.

Planning and Preparation

Consider the type of porch you have before anything else. Wood or concrete porch both require a distinct approach and a different paint. Ensure that you get the correct kind for each.

If your front porch is previously painted, old paint needs removal that may require sanding or scraping. Painting requires a primer before coating it with another color to guarantee it will last in various weather. Some paints already include a primer which is better to buy. Check it out before purchasing.

Cleaning the Front Porch

Cover the things you don’t want to be painted on and remove everything that should not be on your porch. Some debris and dirt will be a big problem since it sticks on the paint and may give you a terrible outcome. If you need to rinse your front porch after sweeping, do so as it will eliminate most of the said particles or remnants.

Selecting the Right Color

Additional paint quality you should check is the heat resistance grade often found in latex paints which are perfect if your front porch is in a sunny area. If you are often outdoors and on your front porch most of the time, you may need to consider the color that will look cool and appealing. Lighter colors do not reflect heat and make for refreshing surroundings, particularly for a south-facing porch. However, if you want to emphasize your front porch, you may go for darker colors.

Water-based latex paint is durable, firmly adheres to the surface, and is easy to clean.

Considering the landscaping before you choose a paint color is important and the hue should also complement the components you will not be painting on, such as the stonework, roof, brick, and the entire layout.

There are paint color experts you can ask for help when choosing colors and picking the right combination and will also help you select paint for the porch flooring to withstand wear and tear. It should also have a non-slip quality but with a pleasing outcome.

Paint Application

After primer application, you can now move on to actual porch painting. If you have a wood porch, it would be ideal to use two coats of paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.

Concrete porches require the same coat application. Drying the first coat before you paint it with another is necessary. Some areas you may paint fast using roller or sprayer, while hard to reach areas will need a brush to cover it.

After painting, make sure you dry the place for at least two days before letting people walk on the porch. More than two days is even better.

Clean Up

Remove drop cloths, brushes, and other materials used during the project from the site. Leave the porch to dry for a few days before you position the outdoor furniture, and then you can admire yourself for a job well done.

If repainting your own porch doesn’t seem like it is the right choice for you, we would love to be of service!

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